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Episodio 122

novembre 2, 2008

The stumbling block to a third season, inevitably, is money. Weiner, who oversees everything from scripts to ensuring that the photocopier in the corner of the Sterling Cooper office is the right brand for the era, spent the weeks after Mad Men won the Emmy for best drama in a series of meetings with the heads of major studios and networks to consider new projects. He is rumoured to have asked AMC, the channel on which Mad Men airs, for a multi-season deal worth $10m (£6m) a year and control over promotion and advertising.
It’s the sort of package that HBO’s big hitters such as Alan Ball, the man behind Six Feet Under and current hit True Blood, or David Chase, creator of The Sopranos (the show Weiner previously worked on) demand as a matter of course. But AMC is no HBO, and Lionsgate, the independent production company behind the show, while keen to tie Wiener into a two-year deal, is unwilling to splash that sort of cash.’We are currently in negotiations with Matthew Weiner,’ a spokesman for Lionsgate told The Observer. ‘We very much want to have him back but our first commitment is to the show and to ensuring that the quality remains the same in the next season.’ He admitted that there were financial issues but refused to comment on rumours that the production company had already begun to sound out potential replacements, including West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin.
Observer (qui il lungo artitocolo del NYT Magazine uscito a giugno)

Episodio 39

settembre 21, 2008

Maureen Dowd si è fatta scrivere l’editoriale da Aaron Sorkin, ovvero una conversazione tra Barack Obama e Josiah Bartlet dove quest’ultimo spiega al candidato democratico cosa non va nella sua campagna elettorale.
NYT (via)